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“Gentle Path Counselling Services became my lifeline in 2022. I was a struggling veteran battling depression and PTSD. Life was unraveling and my marriage was collapsing. Turning to substances made my situation worse. The hard decision to seek help at Gentle Path was the turning point for me. Through support, I reclaimed my role as a husband and father, rediscovering my purpose. The journey was tough, but the change was 100% worth it.”

Gentle Path helped our blended family. My husband and I were struggling with meshing our two worlds, especially with my teenage son. Communication was impossible. Seeking help at Gentle Path was the best decision. We met as a family and even involved my ex-husband and his girlfriend. Our son finally felt heard. It’s an ongoing journey, but the positive change is there! Things at home have improved, and we’re grateful for the support Gentle Path has provided to mend our family bonds so far.”

“Gentle Path has been such a needed change for me as a teenager struggling with my weight and body image. I’ve seen a huge shift in how I view food and myself. I feel healthier, and my family is not only proud but also very supportive. Julia’s guidance has made a big difference in my life, and I’m grateful to her and to Gentle Path.”