CHASE the Ace


Welcome to Gentle Path’s new “CHASE the Ace”!

CHASE the Ace is a weekly progressive jackpot fundraising raffle. The contest will start with a standard deck of 52 cards, with the jackpot being presented to the one contestant that draws the Ace of Spades.

Draw will take place every Tuesday evening, shortly after 7:00pm, starting August 1st, 2023 and will be broadcast live on Gentle Path’s Facebook page.

Ticket sales will end at 10am the morning of the draw. Tickets can be purchased through bank e-transfer at [email protected] or by cash, debit or credit at 199 Chesley Drive suite 100. You can also purchase by credit card by calling (506) 652-7284 (PATH).

Purchase Tickets

All e-transfers must be received by 10am the day of the draw. Any e-transfer sent after that time will be entered into the following draw (if the fundraiser ends then the money will be added to the fundraising efforts). E transfer time stamp will be adhered to.

Chase the Ace ticket cost:

One for $5, Three for $10, Seven for $20.

Participants may pick up their tickets at Gentle Path’s office, 199 Chesley Drive, or, have a copy of their tickets emailed to them by request. Please provide a valid email address and telephone number.

There is no limit to the number of tickets available to be sold or purchased each draw.

Random ticket draw takes place no earlier than 7:00pm and the winner will be announced immediately following the draw.

CHASE the Ace

Winning ticket holder info:

  • If the ticket holder is present for the draw, they will win 20% of the weekly ticket sales and be asked to come forward and pick a card from the remaining cards.
  • If the ticket holder is not present, a representative for Gentle Path will try calling them twice in 15 minutes.
  • If the winning ticket holder answers, they have the option to come to Gentle Path, in 30 minutes to pick their own card, or they can advise Gentle Path which card to flip on their behalf.
  • If they do not answer, a card will be chosen and flipped at random by a member of the Gentle Path team.
  • If the winning ticket holder is present for the draw they will be asked to produce either their portion of the ticket for verification, confirmation of ticket purchase, or photo ID to prove they are the person that the ticket was assigned to.
  • If the winning ticket holder is not in attendance for the draw, they will be asked to show the confirmation email, along with photo identification when picking up their prize.

Distribution of weekly ticket sales:

  • 20% to the nightly ticket holder
  • 30% to the growing jackpot
  • 50% to the fundraising effort of Gentle Path Counselling Services

The deck of cards will be shuffled and spread out on the table, in grid format, and a card will be chosen by the nightly winner (or a member of the GP team if the winner is not in attendance, or able to be contacted).

The card picked will be removed from the deck for the remainder of the fundraiser.

After the draw has concluded for the night, the Ace of Spades will be found and shown to the participants in attendance as well as on Facebook.

Contest continues weekly with the same deck of cards until the Ace of Spades is found.

Once the Ace of Spades is found, the contest is over, and the total Jackpot will be awarded to the winning card holder.

The draw will be broadcast using Facebook Live when possible, on the Gentle Path Counselling Services Facebook page.

Ticket holders only are welcome to attend each draw at 199 Chesley Drive, suite 100, however participants are not required to be in attendance to win.

Players must be minimum age of 19 years as of the night of the draw.

Players must be in New Brunswick at the time of the draw.

Employees, contract employees, and volunteers of Gentle Path are not permitted to purchase CHASE the Ace tickets.

Any prize over $1,000 will be paid by check from Gentle Path.

Any winner who is paid a prize will grant Gentle Path the right to publish their name and picture for promotional purposes.

If for any reason the draw cannot take place on Tuesday night, any tickets sold, and the prize pool will be held and carried over until the following week.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to Gentle Path Counselling Services continued efforts to provide subsidized mental health counselling for those without the means to pay. THANK YOU!

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