Inter-Country Adoption Program

Sarah Fletcher
Supervisor of New Brunswick’s Inter-Country Adoption Program
Krystine Steeves
Executive Assistant of International Adoptions

Gentle Path Counselling Services is authorized, not licensed, by the New Brunswick Minister of Social Development to perform specific tasks related to Inter-country Adoption. Gentle Path Counselling Services entered into a Service Purchase with the New Brunswick Minister of Social Development on January 9, 2009 to assist applicants who are interested in pursuing an International Adoption in New Brunswick.

Here are the services offered

  • Provide the mandatory INFO/TRAINING sessions for all inter-country applicants in New Brunswick.
  • Provide help and support to applicants completing their forms and questionnaires towards the realization of their Home Study Report.
  • Assign an Adoption Practitioner (S.A.F.E. Home Study Certified) to complete the applicant’s required Home Study Report.
  • Completes the mandatory Yearly Home Study Updates for all applicants who wish to have their application remain open when a placement has not been made within twelve months of the original date of approval or the timeframe specified by the country of origin if required more frequently. Please Note: In the Province of New Brunswick, the notice of approval expires 12 months from the effective date of approval.
  • Assign an Adoption Practitioner to present/review the Child proposal with the Prospective Adoptive Parents.
  • Provide the necessary Post Placement Services for court purposes if the child’s International adoption is not finalized in the country of origin.

Post Placement Reports – Upon request of the Prospective Adoptive parents, Gentle Path will complete Post Placement Reports that may be required by country of origin.

Pertinent information

  • When a New Brunswick family decides to adopt internationally, they often acquire the assistance of an approved external licensed agency in Canada to help them with the adoption proceedings. Please note: The Province of New Brunswick does not license or approve these agencies but does work closely with them at the request of the New Brunswick families.
  • If a family wants to adopt in the United States, they need to work with an outgoing Hague approved agency.
  • The New Brunswick Adoption Consultant/Provincial Central Authority reviews all Inter-country adoptive applicants dossiers to ensure that applicants meet the requirements of both provincial and country of choice, approve/refuse as required, accepts and reviews child proposals from countries of origin and ensures that Inter-country adoption activities in New Brunswick are in accordance with the Inter-country Adoption Act

For more information about our Inter-Country Adoption Program our team can be reached by email [email protected]