Alexia Bovaird

Alexia Bovaird is the Executive Assistant to the Inter- Country Adoption Program. Alexia is originally from Toronto and moved to Saint John in 1998.

Alexia studied e-business at NBCC-Saint John and has worked in Business for over 25 years. Alexia has extensive knowledge with adoptions as she has been through the process of Provincial adoption.

Alexia‚Äôs role in the Inter-Country Adoption Program is to guide prospective adoptive parent(s) through the required process of international adoption as mandated by the provincial government. Her position entails helping individuals to understand provincial and international requirements, as well as organizing the province’s mandatory adoption training.

Alexia looks forward to continuing her work at Gentle Path both as a mental health advocate and as the designated Executive Assistant for the Inter-Country Adoption Program for the Province of New Brunswick.